I am looking forward to my first visit to VMworld and wanted to share my schedule with you. VMworld Europe 2014 tasks place in Barcelona from 14-16 october >> http://www.vmworld.com/

  • HBC1475 — Getting Started with vCloud Air
  • HBC2599 — Tech Preview: vCloud Hybrid Service Object Storage, Autoscaling and Database-as-a-Service
  • HBC1533 — How to Build a Hybrid Cloud – Steps to Extend Your Datacenter
  • HBC2371 — Stick a Knife in IT! Chef + vCloud Air = A Well Done Cloud
  • HBC2638 — Ten Vital Best Practices for Effective Hybrid Cloud Security
  • INF3037-SPO — How to Build and Deploy a Well Run Hybrid Cloud
  • HBC2700 — Maximizing Hybrid Cloud Performance
  • OPT3016-SPO — Making IT Real: VM-Centric Data Protection and Multi-site DR
  • INF2311 — vCenter Server Architecture and Deployment Deep Dive
  • INF2705 — Datacenter and vCenter Availability Best Practices
  • INF1720 — Getting the Most out of vMotion – Architecture, Features, Debugging
  • INF1502 — What’s New in vSphere?
  • INF3014-SPO — Scriping and Programing Cloud Automation – How To Power Hour
  • MGT2487 — Built to be Extended: vCloud Automation Center
  • INF1601 — Taking Reporting and Command Line Automation to the Next Level with PowerCLI
  • EUC1258 — From the Fire Hose Series: 3D Graphics for Virtual Desktops Smackdown
  • EUC1653 — Horizon 6 Hosted Applications Technical Deep Dive

If you are there leave me a short message and we can have a drink or two.