Command line options for installing XenApp / XenDesktop 7.13 core components

The following options are valid when installing core components with the XenDesktopServerSetup.exe command.

/components <component> [,<component>] …  

Comma-separated list of components to install or remove. Valid values are:

  • CONTROLLER: Controller
  • LICENSESERVER: Citrix License Server
  • STOREFRONT: StoreFront

If this option is omitted, all components are installed (or removed, if the /remove option is also specified).


Opens all ports in the Windows firewall needed by components being installed, if the Windows Firewall Service is running, even if the firewall is not enabled. If you are using a third-party firewall or no firewall, you must manually open the ports.

/exclude “Local Host Cache Storage (LocalDB)”  

Prevents installation of the database used for Local Host Cache.  This has no effect on whether or not SQL Server Express is installed for use as the Site database.

/help or /h

Displays command help.

/installdir <directory>

Existing empty directory where components will be installed. Default = c:\Program Files\Citrix.

/logpath <path>

Log file location. The specified folder must already exist; the installer does not create it. Default = “%TEMP%\Citrix\XenDesktop Installer”


Valid only when installing Director. Disables the user shadowing feature that uses Windows Remote Assistance.


Prevents a restart after installation. (For most core components, a restart is not enabled by default.)


Prevents installation of Microsoft SQL Server Express on the server where you are installing the Controller. If this option is omitted, SQL Server Express will be installed for use as the Site database. (This option has no effect on the installation of SQL  Server Express LocalDB, which may be used for a future feature.)

/quiet or /passive

No user interface appears during the installation. The only evidence of the installation process is in Windows Task Manager. If this option is omitted, the graphical interface launches.


Removes the core components specified with the /components option.


Removes all installed core components.


Automatically sends analytics collected during the installation, upgrade, or removal to Citrix Insight Services. If this option is omitted, the analytics are collected locally, but not sent automatically.

/tempdir <directory>

Directory that holds temporary files during installation. Default = c:\Windows\Temp.


Installs XenApp. If this option is omitted, XenDesktop is installed.