Citrix XenApp 7.6 and XenDesktop 7.6 were anounced and are available right now. Let´s have a quick look at the installation of the Delivery Controller (DC) that ships with that version.

What´s new with DCs?

One of the highly anticipated features in this version is the Connection Leasing. I will not go too deep into it now but this feature enables access to Published Applications and Desktops in case the Site database is unavailable. The information about the access of users to available resources is saved for two weeks in the Site database and then replicated locally to the DCs. The VDAs need to run on version 7.6 in order for this feature to function.

Install Citrix Delivery Controller Walk-through

The ISO is mounted, let´s start the installation. Choose XenApp or XenDesktop, whatever you like. The Controller component is the same for both.


On the left side select Delivery Controller.


I will agree to the License Agreement. NEXT.


Now we uncheck all of the available components except the Delivery Controller. I will leave the installation location as recommended.


I have a Microsoft SQL 2012 R2 running in my lab. No need for an SQL Express database and honestly I don´t like it as database for a XenApp or XenDesktop Site at all. For PoCs it should be fine. My testlab is ment to reflect enterprise environments so… NEXT.


GPOs are used to disable firewalls on my lab machines. NEXT.


Check the summary, fine. INSTALL.


After the installation click FINISH. The Controller should now reboot. I recommend to always reboot after an infrastructure component installation. Quote for the german-speaking readers: Reboot, tut gut. 😉


And so we´re done with the installation of the first DC.

Silent Installation of the Delivery Controller 7.6

Again…installing things manually is sort of dumb IMHO. That´s the commandline for the installation:

XenDesktopServerSetup.exe /quiet /components controller /nosql


Additional command-line parameters can be found here:

Upgrade of Delivery Controller 7.5 to 7.6 Walk-through

The second server in my demo environment is already installed with Citrix XenDesktop Delivery Controller 7.5. Lets check what the upgrade looks like for the DC. Again I start the installation with the mounted ISO. Push the upgrade option on the left side.


Agree with the License Agreement…yeeeeeeees. NEXT.


Again I like the hints for the ensurance of a successful upgrade. Ready to go after you and I checked everything, NEXT.


As stated before I have no firewalls on my demo systems, so I don´t care about it. NEXT.


The summary is fine, NEXT.


After the finished installation, click FINISH.


Wow, that was complicated ;-). Next blog post with the upgrade of the License Server follows soon.

All information without warranty for any failures in your environment.