I´d like to welcome everybody to the follow-up post on Citrix StoreFront 2.6. After installing StoreFront we now need to configure it. If you upgraded from a previous version of StoreFront, the settings should be preserved.

Let´s create a new deployment and see what we can configure.


First of all we need to insert the Base URL. In case of my demo-lab this is https://RISCWWW9001. We will change this in later post to a NetScaler Load-balanced address, but to keep it simple in the first step we will accept this option. NEXT.


Now we need to give the Store a name. I will name it myStore. NEXT.


We need to assign one or more Delivery Controllers this StoreFront server will talk to. In the moment there are only this two non-balanced DCs in place. Later we will change this to a NetScaler load-balanced solution. We will use HTTPS for security reasons. OK.
In enterprise deployments SSL should be used whenever possible. In big environments you should consider SSL-termination on the NetScaler appliance because of performance reasons.


The Controllers were added. NEXT.


We have no CAG in place now. CREATE.

But wait…what could we configure?

  • None – only internal access is possible
  • No VPN Tunnel – this is access through an Access Gateway without VPN functionality
  • Full VPN tunnel – means we have the Gateway PlugIn installed on the endpoint to establish a VPN


As you can see the store was created and is reachable under https://riscwws9001/Citrix/myStoreWeb. Lets finish this first initial setup and have a look at what we can configure.

Store email discovery
If you want your users to discover the Store by using their email-address you need to create a SRV record on your DNS servers. Email-based account discovery is not available if Citrix Receiver is downloaded from any other location, such as a Receiver for Web site, and cannot be used with Citrix Receiver Updater. You must also install a valid server certificate on the NetScaler Gateway appliance or StoreFront server to enable email-based account discovery. The full chain to the root certificate must also be valid. Citrix Receiver requires that the StoreFront FQDN is a unique address that is only resolvable from user devices connected to the internal network.

In part two we will have a closer look at the options and features.

All information without warranty for any failures in your environment.