Install Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Controller from the Command Line

Here we go again with the next post in a row about installing Citrix XenDesktop from the command line. This was the first one: Install Citrix StoreFront 3.0.1 from the Command Line. The second one is here: Because we need a Controller for our infrastructure to work correctly it is crucial to have it [...]

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Install StoreFront 3.0.1 from the Command Line

With this blog post I want to show you how to install Citrix StoreFront 3.0.1 with all it´s necessary prerequisites from the command line. If you start the Citrix StoreFront installer via GUI the installer takes care of all the prerequisites on your system. You can see this behaviour in the screenshot: In enterprise environments [...]

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A Look Inside My Homelab

I was busy upgrading and rebuilding my home lab in the last weeks. Now I want to share with you in detail how it looks like. This blog post will cover the following topics: Hardware overview Network overview Operating System overview installation and configuration Performance Apps Future Additions […]

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uberAgent for Splunk – Installation and Configuration

With this second blog post regarding Splunk and Helge´s uberAgent I want to share my experiences during installation and configuration.I will start with an overview of the uberAgent installation, will then switch to some configuration settings and give you a quick overview about how it can be licensed and which operating systems are supported. At [...]

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Citrix & VMware – Installer Mess!

At first I want to wish you all a happy new year. I had planned a different blog post as the first one but I had no chance of preventing me writing down these thoughts about the installers of Citrix XenDesktop (respectively XenApp) and VMware Horizon View. Both companies have large-scale installations out there and [...]

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VMware Horizon 6.0 & Mirage 5.0 Reviewers Guides

VMware released their Mirage 5.0 Reviewer´s Guide. It can be downloaded here: Topics covered are: What is VMware Mirage? Key features Packaging and licensing Components and architecture Installation and configuration Hands-on evaluation exercises There is also a Reviewers Guide available for Horizon 6.0. It can be downloaded here: Topics covered are: Installation Prerequisites [...]

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